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Cheaper bus length .

long bus
Transportation in Manaus City , Brazil .
No ground transportation to the city of Manaus in Brazil or the other way around.
Everything is by air or river . Even so , ground transportation in the city of Manaus fairly well ordered .
Manaus city can not be equated with other major cities in Brazil , especially in the south as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo , because the city is not too big .
Total population is only 2 million inhabitants (compared to Surabaya about 3 million people ) .
For public transportation within the city , residents rely on buses , while for transport out of the city , can be combined , ie use the bus until a certain point , and then proceed with the ship , especially to reach areas of tribal villages .
Therefore , do not expect any subway or subway in the city center . There are about a dozen buses operating in Manaus .
No need to memorize the bus number and its lines , because people usually notice Manaus bus lanes in the Android application can be downloaded at .
Please enter the path to the destination , a list of buses that crossed directly displayed .
In addition, the bus Manaus always equipped with LED lights placed in the front .
The streets are traversed alternately displayed . That way , travelers who are confused in choosing the bus can easily choose .
Moreover, the way in Manaus can be crossed by five to eight buses at a time . Very rarely there are stories of passengers missed the bus .
Buses can be divided into two ; long and short bus buses . For the length of the bus , the fare is cheaper , only 2.4 reais ( U.S. $ 12 thousand ) , while the short bus fare at 4.2 reais ( U.S. $ 21 thousand ) , for measuring short bus include air conditioning .
Therefore , do not be surprised if the buses are much shorter spiked with the words " executive " in order to market the facility safe. No more public transportation other than buses , especially public transportation .
Other public vehicles taxis only , but the same as in Indonesia , in Manaus also no such thing as a motorcycle taxi cab or taxi moto motor life .
" They are usually for short lines . Problem is , people still prefer the bus , then walked to his house , " said Lidiane Lima, Manaus citizen journalists who met while riding the bus from Avenida ( Avenue ) Constantino Nery towards Rua ( street ) Lauro Cavalcante .
Due to the city center not so great , besides the Arena Amazonia is located in the city center , it will not be difficult for the fans who come to watch the World Cup in 2014 enjoy Manaus . Walking can be an attractive option despite the weather will be hot in June-July . So , thank you for reading this article .
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The Glory of the Past in the heart of the Amazon.

Teatro Amazonas is the most famous guide in Manaus .
Almost all the tourists who had come directly want to go there, its location is easily addressed .
From the airport Eduardo Gomes , just need to ride the bus . So also of the Arena Amazonia . Almost all buses leading to the centro (downtown ) must traverse the building was built in 1881 .
Indeed , tourist attractions provided by the theater is not much . The show is only held on certain dates in April and May.
Regular show is an annual event held the Festival Amazonas de Opera ( Amazon Opera Festival ) , concerts by choirs .
But , the tourists who visit the Teatro Amazonas want to see it as one of the signs of history .
The magnificent building is a silent witness to the past glory Manaus. In the era of colonialism , Manaus transformed into one of the region due to advanced gum tremendous demand from European countries .
Manaus became the only producer of rubber because the tree can only be found in the heart of the Amazon forest .
The era of the so-called rubber boom Manaus it makes people very wealthy . One of the famous quotes historian to describe Manaus is so rich society ; " When a master businessman rubber buy a luxury vessel , other employers maintain a lion in his villa , while others will bathe the horse with the champagne , "
Teatro Amazonas is the embodiment of wealth. The building was designed in 1881 began. One of the local legislature at the time, Jose Antonio Fernandes Junior , filed a proposal to build a " jewel in the heart of the Amazon " .
The work done company from Lisbon , Portuguas Gabinete de Arquitectura e Engeharia . Meanwhile, the architecture is handed over to the Italian -influenced Celestial Sacardim renaissance period .
Elements is the best product at the time. The roof tiles were imported from Alsace, 
France ; steel for the walls of Glasgow , Scotland ; Carrara marble and stone for floors and statues from Italy . The dome is made ​​up of 36 thousand ceramic decorations with the Brazilian flag colors .
But, eventually returning Manaus lethargic after some rubber smuggled out of the country. England who became regulars took Malaysia to want to plant rubber .
Now the rubber is no longer booming as other tropical countries , including Indonesia could produce .
" At least we know that the country is in the middle of the wilderness used to be much richer than other major cities such as Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo at the time, " said Antonio Carlos Nunes da Fonseca , one of the domestic tourists . 
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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Already Can Take Ticket .

konfirmasi pengambilan tiketAlready more than 2.5 million tickets sold for the 2014 World Cup via online . Those who have booked tickets can now pick it up in a number of cities in the top ten city hosted the 2014 World Cup in Brazil .
Making the tickets , already started on Friday ( 18/4 ) local time . They booked the tickets via online sales since it opened last August came to FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre ( VTC ) . Only two host cities of the 2014 World Cup in the Porto Alegre and Brasilia , which delay the taking of tickets , the rest is already opened .
In countries with a tradition of great soccer like Brazil , public enthusiasm is very high .
Taking also into a magical moment tickets are anticipated , such as those experienced by Joao Bosco Correia . Two hours Sebalum lokt open , he trips over 50 kilometers of Queimados towards Rio de Janeiro , where VTC is available .
"I was driving from far away . I want to be the first , " says Joao .
Turns out he did not become the first . He lost quickly by Vanderson Balbino , 27 , who bought a ticket for a total of nine matches in Manaus , Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro .
" I do not know whether to have a chance again to watch the World Cup in their own country . I do not want to lose this opportunity , " he explained .
Joao not just buy a ticket for himself , but also buy a ticket for his son on June 19 next birthday .
They will watch the match between Spain and Chile at the Maracana on June 18 . Their family is crazy ball . Joao 's father 97 -year -old had also witnessed when Brazil lost to Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup .
" A pride can follow in the footsteps of my father to witness the World Cup at the Maracana , " he explained .
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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Not Vettel , but Ricciardo .

Ricciardo and friends.

The strongest competitor for Hamilton .
Mercedes continued its dominance in the Chinese Grand Prix qualifying session .
Yesterday ( 19/4 ) they put Lewis Hamilton as the fastest .
It became the third pole of the Hamilton captured four qualifications that have been taking place . The other pole position was taken by the other Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg . Hamilton fastest with a time of 1 minute 53.860 seconds .
Daniel Ricciardo is the second fastest of the Red Bull - Renault 0.595 seconds adrift of Hamilton.
Followed by Sebastian Vettel ( Red Bull ) and Rosberg are more than a second adrift of Hamilton.
With seized pole position yesterday , a total of Hamilton will start from pole position 34 times . Note it also broke the record for most pole Briton previously recorded by Jim Clark .
Hamilton defeated only by Michael Schumacher who recorded 68 pole positions , Ayrton Senna ( 65 ) and Sebastian Vettel ( 45 ) .
Heavy rain which flushed the Shanghai circuit last not the least bit difficult for Hamilton as the second series in Malaysia .
He had to be the fastest on the first three qualifying sessions . He then further and further left a record time of its rivals in the second experiment .
" To be sure , the greatest satisfaction is to achieve this result when it rains , " said Hamilton .
" The track was very slippery. We have to find a grip and do not make mistakes, " he said .
Although fourth fastest , Rosberg seems to be the strongest competitor for Hamilton . He could not stalking record time teammate that because there is a problem on the car dashboard .
He could not read the instructions there to accurately record time thereby affecting .
Outside Mercedes , Ricciardo is the most troublesome Hamilton has potential .
He can be faster than the world champion teammate the past four seasons , Sebastian Vettel , it was not a coincidence .
Of the four qualifiers , three times Ricciardo beat Vettel . Otherwise disqualified in Australia , the points Ricciardo will be better than Vettel . Since the time of exercise , Ricciardo did show better performance than Vettel .
Another rider , for example, Jenson Button ( McLaren - Mercedes ) , even a candidate would be the fastest racer Ricciardo in the Red Bull .
Vettel also recognize the benefits of Ricciardo .
" Daniel ( Ricciardo ) do a good job . Him ( is ) yet to find weekends ( race ) good , ( but ) he achieved consistent results , " said Vettel .
In yesterday's qualifying session , Vettel's car had run into a problem on the fuel flow sensor . That makes Red Bull uses fuel flow sensors themselves.
However , it will not lead to sanctions as before because they 've asked permission from the FIA ​​.
Meanwhile , Fernando Alonso ( Ferrari ) who was competitive on the first day of the training session can only fifth fastest .
Behind him , a row Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas of WilliamsMercedes .

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There may very Big Leaks .

Sewol sinking ship.

The slow search for victims lost their chances of safely making increasingly thin .
However , opportunities still exist . Oceanographer Kim Petersen revealed that until now has not known the cause of the Sewol ferry capsize .
If the incoming water quickly , it is likely that many victims do not take the air bag .
" But , the fact that this is a ship with a length of 500 feet and in water with a depth of 70-110 feet , so it's very likely the air is still there and there were no survivors , " he said .
The problem is the water temperature in the area overturned vessel reaches 10 degrees Celsius . Very cool and far away from the normal temperature .
With the temperature , the victim may experience fatigue in the first 1-2 hours . Rescue time should not be less than 6 hours , though it's been four days from the time of the sinking Sewol . It is possible victims died of hypothermia .
On the other hand , the various possible causes of the ship tilted and eventually sank more than three -quarters began to appear . A retired captain of the U.S. coast rescuer Peter Boynton said the ship 's rapid tilting and eventually sink indicates that no severe damage .
The damage resulted in large leaks quickly and make water entering the vessel .
Some surviving passengers hearing the sound of a loud explosion before the ship tilted , but it is possible that the sound coming from the cargo shifted . The second possibility is damage on the inside of the ship .
When the ship heading Jeju , when it was foggy condition , but the vision is still clear .
If the ship goes according to the route , there should be no collision of rock or the like at the bottom of the sea .
Except if the ship is not running on the usual route. This possibility could happen , because it was not the captain of the ship steering control .
What is clear , to the present investigation authorities in South Korea has not released the exact cause of the deadly accident .
Can be ascertained very severe vessel damage during the incident , because the ferry was Sewol can drown in the time it was so fast .

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Increasing Victim , Family Tested DNA.

Divers search for victims Sewol.

Sewol ferry victim's family had to swallow the bitter pill , because not every day survivors were found , but the victim died .
Until yesterday , the death toll continues to grow . There are currently a total of 32 deaths have been discovered and brought to the mainland and as many as 270 people were still missing .
" Civilian divers saw three bodies through the window , " said one senior lifeguard .
Three bodies making it somewhat difficult , because they have to break the window glass thick enough under water .
Video capture three victims were shown to the families of the victims who were in the gym Jindo .
Some families have been found dead and the funeral was held yesterday .
Never finding survivors making families increasingly slim hopes . They 've been ready to receive bad news , namely that his family is still missing will be brought to the surface in a lifeless condition .
" Many people believe this is the last day to find the victim in good condition . Upon today ( yesterday ) , the expectations will be lost , " said Nam Sung -won .
Nephew was one of the students who remain missing . The same thing is expressed Han Mi - ok , his son was one of the victims lost .
" As of yesterday ( Friday) , I still pinned their hopes . , But today I am preparing myself for the worst , "
On the other hand , the Coast Guard has set up a tent near the gym Jindo . The tent was used as a location for sampling DNA from the victim's family .
Data from the examination will be used to identify bodies that have been found .
Meanwhile , Captain Ferry Sewol Lee Joon - seok , 69 , was eventually arrested along with two crew aboard .
They are accused of negligent and failed to ensure the safety of passengers . So far, Lee and crew who survived received criticism from many quarters .
They saved themselves and left passengers stuck alone on the ferry started to sink .
When troubled ship , not Lee who was driving , but a driver named Jo , 55 . He supervised a female officer .
" This incident may be partly my fault, but it runs fast and the steering gear is not unusual , " Jo said defensively .
Lee expressed a similar plea in an interview with the media crew . He explained that the reason the passengers were not allowed to move from his position for more than 40 minutes is the stand
ard security .
According to him , if derived by a rubber boat on board , the passengers may be swept away, because there were no fishing boats and rescue boats around the area .
" I think the passengers will be swept away and fall in trouble if they evacuated , " he said .
In fact, the experts stated that if any passengers gathered on deck evacuation point at the top of the ship , survivors will be much greater .

So , thank you for reading this article .
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South Korea Grim .

Ferry Aid Sewol victims.

Rescue workers carry a passenger ferry survivors in Port Jindo , South Korea , ( 16/4 ) . The ferry " Sewol " , which carries about 470 passengers , sank in the waters of Korea.

Concert , Album Launching and Cancelled TV Shows .

" Mama , Goodbye , I Love You "

South Korea's state exemplary . The tragedy of the sinking of the ferry Sewol make the country mourned .
Not only on the lips . However , grief is actually applied in practice. Since Sewol sank on Wednesday ( 16/4 ) , the entire South Korean became grim .
Entire TV channels in South Korea no longer broadcast entertainment programs that are rah - rah . Especially those containing music and dance .
Impressions dozens of soap operas with high ratings were also suspended . Likewise , entertainment events are popular in the community .
The entire event is replaced by a special news about Sewol rescue , or a documentary .
" This is not a time to laugh or have fun . We would like to express sorrow to the families of the victims as smooth as possible , " said Producer KBS TV Station of Han Kyung - Chun .
The implementation of the two major parties campaign event in South Korea in the context of the local elections in June will also be delayed . In addition , social events rescheduled companies . Festival to be held by the government also canceled .
In the festival there was a concert and fireworks show . Dozens of K - pop and actress also sympathetic .
They rescheduled the release of a new album and canceling concerts and some promo event . For example , the largest music agency SM Entertainment in South Korea .
They delayed the release of a new album from boy band EXO .
" This decision was made as a form of mourning for the victims and pray that the missing back unharmed , " said the company . In fact , the three largest beer company in South Korea's Lotte , Oriental Brewery and Hite Jinro interesting that smells party ads in a variety of television media .
A total of 2,500 Buddhist temples in South Korea on Thursday also held a joint prayer . They hope that the victims are not met will be saved .
Sympathy , anger and grief are also flowing in various social media and online communities. Many of those who are frustrated with the slow pace of the rescue.
"Why has the fastest internet in the world, advanced smartphones and the shipping industry 's best if you can not pull the boat ( Sewol ) from the water and save our children , " said one user on .
"I think our country is more advanced when compared to countries such as Bangladesh and Indonesia , but maybe I'm wrong , " wrote another user .
Meanwhile , a video currently circulating in the community overturned vessel . A student appears to record events when the ship tilted slowly . Inside the ship , the passengers panicked and very noisy , they tried to wear a life jacket , and wearing a vest that has been sitting on the floor to wait for help .
In these recordings also sounded the student called her mother and explained that the ship he was traveling oblique .
" The ship tilted , the water is starting to get there . I do not know what to do , " he said . He ended the call by saying ;
" Mom , goodbye , I love you , " he said .
In the distance is slight sound of people shouting that the water began to enter the cabins .
When leaving for Jeju Island , carrying 459 passengers and Sewol crew . A total of 300 passengers were High School students Danwon in Ansan , south of Seoul . They departed traveled along with 14 teachers . It seems that many of those who are not going to survive . When the ferry started to tilt, they send an SMS and messages on various social networks to his family .
On the other hand , the vice principal was found dead hanging himself Danwon last Friday ( 18/4 ) . The man named Kang Min - Kyu , 52 , it was one of the victims who survived Sewol . Maybe he could not help feeling guilty for his hundreds of undiscovered, when he participated in the ferry survived .
Local police in Jindo Island revealed that Kang was found near a gymnasium used as a family residence victims waiting for information . He hung on a tree branch .
" But the exact cause of death is still under investigation , " said one police officer , but he likely committed suicide .
Another story comes from Kwon Ji - yeon . Same with Kang Min - Kyu , 6 -year-old girl one of the survivors , but not so with the parents and brother . They include victims who have not been found , if they are found to be dead , the little girl became an orphan and alone in the world .
Kwon is now still in intensive care in hospital .

So , thank you for reading this article .
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