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Did you said Khamenei : Nuclear Project Permanent Way , Never Give Up in Front of Iranian intimidation .

Did you said Khamenei : Nuclear Project Permanent Way , Never Give Up in Front of Iranian intimidation .

Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reiterated his country to continue the peaceful nuclear projects and will never give up in front of foreign intimidation .

" Our country should not accept the pressure of the opposing party , and the relationship of the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAIE ) with Iran to be fair , should not be extraordinary , " said Khamenei in a meeting with the senior leaders and the team of experts of Iran's Atomic Energy Agency welcomed the commemoration of National Technology Day Iran in Tehran .

He warned that Iran's achievements in the field of nuclear strongly support the self-confidence of the Iranian nation and the country's progress in various other fields of science . Therefore , according to him , the agreement in talks with Group 5 +1 Iran is nothing but a storm in order to overcome the stronghold of the arrogant world hostility toward Iran .

" The talks should continue , " he said , " however , all parties should be aware that although negotiations but activity was running the Islamic Republic of Iran in the areas of research and development of nuclear energy will never stop in any form , none of which can be non- nuclear achievements disabled , and IAIE relationship with Iran should be conventional and not overwhelming. "

Former Iranian president added , " Nuclear Science course will be used for the production of energy and also beneficial for the industrial sector , health , agriculture , food security , and trade , but the greater benefits of nuclear science in our country is its role in strengthening confidence nation . "

Ayatollah Khamenei then touched tricks classical imperialism and neo - imperialism to convince the nations of the world that existence under their hegemony has become a " twist of fate can not be changed . " He warned , " Whatever the factors that can break these tricks will definitely be a factor fundamental to the development of national and large movements of a nation . "

Another trick used by the arrogant camp , he said , is to create an international cynicism against the Islamic Republic of Iran with the excuses which if the public readily accepted the world . " Nuclear issue is one example of the issues that they are made ​​of materials to form an opinion and angular spread lies that the Islamic Republic of Iran , " said Khamenei .

He further ensure that the progress and achievements that have been achieved nuclear Iran as long as it is a shock and surprise for the Iranian people because it will lead them to the conquest of the peak -by- peak map of science and technology, and therefore this process should not be running slow, let alone jam. " There is no one single Iranian nuclear achievements can be closed , and anyone not entitled to transact this problem , and indeed there will be no one who will do so , " said Khamenei .

Supreme leader who succeeded in Iran 's Imam Khomaini then reminded all leaders and Iranian officials that " fanatic " on the nuclear issue . According to him , all must be ready to defend the program at any price , because the objectives of Iran's enemies is basically suppress and intimidate the Islamic Republic of Iran is so If it had not worked on nuclear projects then the enemy will still use the other issues , including the right human , to cornering Iran .

Iranian missile Discussion Outside Russia .
Russia insists that negotiations on Iran's nuclear program between Iran and the Sextet ( America , Britain , France , Russia , China and Germany ) do not include the Iranian missile program .

" Russia considers that a comprehensive agreement only contain matters related to the improvement of confidence in Iran's nuclear program is peaceful , " said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov Russia , Thursday ( 20/2 ) .

The statement dismissed claims by Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman told the U.S. senator recently stating that Iran's missile programs will be discussed in the " final agreement " about Iran's nuclear program .

On February 11 th , the U.S. National Security Council spokesman , Bernadette Meehan , also told the American news website the Washington Free Beacon that the U.S. intends to stop test - test missiles Iran under an agreement ending the Iranian nuclear program .

Iranian officials have repeatedly stressed that the talks between Iran Sexted with only about Iran's nuclear program and not associated with the Iranian missile program .

On Tuesday ( 18/2 ) Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Marziyeh Afkham states that " military issues not related to the nuclear talks . "

Furthermore Ryabkov said that a comprehensive final agreement on Iran's nuclear program will be achieved on the date July 20 , if there is the political will of the parties involved .

Ryabkov called the talks on Iran's nuclear program so far as " highly targeted " , "balanced " and " win valuable for future work early . "

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You Need to Know What's on MH370 Aircraft ?

You Need to Know What's on MH370 Aircraft ?

Former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim issued the same opinion with the analysis of the first writing of this article , namely that a sophisticated radar Malaysia, Marconi, must have known in a matter of seconds, MH370 aircraft changed direction and flew across the four provinces of Malaysia illegally. In this case , the Malaysian military should have taken action against the aircraft .

"It's not only unacceptable , but not impossible. Not feasible if the plane is not seen by the radar system Marconi soon after changing direction , " Anwar said in an interview with British media The Telegraph, Friday ( 4/4 ) .

" We do not have the sophistication like the U.S. or the UK , but we have the capacity to protect the borders , " he added .

But unlike Anwar who accused the Malaysian government is involved in the incident by concealing information about MH370 aircraft , and in view of the other side , namely the U.S. and its regional client states of Australia .

As Defence Minister cum Minister of Transport of Malaysia , Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said , " We have done the right thing , responsible , and history will record it . "

Malaysia , in constellation " cyber war " currently does not have the power compared to the super - power in the field . That's why his Marconi radar is unable to detect changes in flight paths MH370 to across 4 provinces in the Malay Peninsula and ends in the Indian Ocean .

But not for the aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls Royce based in the UK . Precisely this is the company that on March 13 , was first announced that the MH370 aircraft remain flying for more than 5 hours after being lost contact with the aviation authorities of Malaysia . Not because Rolls Royce has planted a chip inside all homemade machines that are " real time " informs the existence of such machines to the manufacturers .

Not only tell whether these machines in a state of life or death , but also things in more detail , such as whether there is a leak or hazardous conditions in these machines. In the middle of the state machine to fly in a dangerous condition,
Rolls Royce will inform the relevant airline .

With the ability of certain Rolls Royce also know the position coordinates of the machines , as per the information provided using electromagnetic waves of media captured by satellites in space that will map the exact location of the origin of the emitted waves .

If Rolls Royce alone could have such ability , the ability is certainly much larger American owned , state aircraft maker Boeing 777 used by Malaysia Airlines for the flight number MH370 . America is a country that operates the largest satellite in space , which is not only able to perform activities of observation , but also launched a " cyber war " by disrupting enemy radar systems . And if Rolls Royce could monitor the machines used airplanes in all corners of the world , Boeing would also be doing the same thing to all aircraft makes.

How about the ability to control the aircraft remotely by first blocking system owned pilot manual control ? It has also been practiced when American drones homemade spy mission or attacks in Afghanistan , Pakistan or Yemen , the pilot was in control center in Florida , USA .

Hugo Teso , a hacker , in a conference event " Hack in the Box " in the month of April 2013 , demonstrating its ability to control the speed , altitude and direction of aircraft using radio signals to the aircraft flight management system . He even managed to develop its own android app called " PlaneSploit " which he claimed could be used to " hijack " the aircraft in the sky .

Even Iran has also proven the ability to seize control of sophisticated American drones MQ 170 Sentinel in the air , and down in full in the air base belonging to Iran .

The existence of the last aircraft in the middle of the Indian Ocean MH370 also further demonstrate the role of America . In the middle of the Indian Ocean are also the biggest American military base outside the country, Diego Garcia.
 Radars in the base , with the support of the satellite , and the status of radars supporters in Perth Australia , able to cover the airspace of South Asia , the Middle East to Southeast Asia .

Why is America still, when a jumbo jet leads to the most strategic military bases , if not America alone who control it ?

Then , if need America as the culprit , what is the reason Americans do that ? Certainly not for the reasons " prevent sophisticated military equipment smuggled into the hands of the Taliban China " , because if the motive is , Americans simply ask the Malaysian government canceled the flight and the plane was searched before flying . European countries could force Ecuador or Bolivia's presidential plane for landing , why U.S. can not force MH370 aircraft to be searched ?

Then what is the motive behind the " hijacking " by American flight MH370 ?

At least with this event China should lose one of its strategic partners, Malaysia. As known after the loss of the aircraft MH370 , relations between the two countries heats up after China accused Malaysia of hiding information about the aircraft . On the other hand , Malaysia was even more tightly with the U.S. and its regional allies , Australia . Malaysians who feel helpless , would not want to accept the " goodness " of America and Australia in his search for flight MH370 . In contrast to China which lost 160 of its citizens without being able to do anything , this is a form of psychological attack ( psylogical warfare ) that America waged by a landslide .

Americans Send Ships Malaysia Looking aircraft .

Americans have sent a scout aircraft to the Indian Ocean to help search for the missing plane Malaysia Airlines , after the emergence of reports that the plane was flying far longer than expected by the investigator .

An official who is not willing to be named , said that the aircraft sends signals to satellites to 5 hours after it was first reported missing . But investigators assume the claim is complete and Malaysian authorities did not respond .

The report , if true , indicates the aircraft as far as 1,600 miles from the point where the last contact with the control tower case. Plus other reports about the plane banked , the U.S. also sent a search team to the Indian Ocean , a few hundred kilometers to the west of Malaysia .

Among the American search team there been a destroyer warship ship and sophisticated observer .

Indian Navy , including the Air Force and the Indian Coast Guard units are also now involved in the search for the plane, after receiving a request from Malaysia.

BBC correspondent in Malaysia , Jonathan Head , says the occurrence of some error identification during a search of the aircraft , however the last report , according to Head , America gets serious response .

While the British media Reuters said an official statement Malaysian " not identified " that a foreign aircraft visible on radar was flying in northwest Malaysia on Saturday .

White House spokesman , Jay Carney , on Friday also confirmed American search team in the Indian Ocean , which is sent by " new information " , but declined to disclose the information to reporters .

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You Need to Know Malaysia branded incompetent , MH370 appropriately handled global teams .

You Need to Know Malaysia branded incompetent , MH370 appropriately handled global teams .

Residents in Kuala Lumpur lit candles on a message board , hope and prayer for MH370 aircraft tragedy .
Experts begin to doubt the ability of aviation safety investigation of the tragedy of the loss of Malaysia in Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 . Experts say , it is more appropriate investigation group of international investigators .
In a report , page Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) writes , the experts questioned the deficiencies in the investigation MH370 aircraft .

" When something bad happens , how do we ensure that the best experts and resources used were appropriate to respond to the incident from the beginning ? , " Said Kitty Higgins , a former National Transportation Safety Board member of the United States .

" A rule ( protocol ) which will create a better process , only now appearing to be discussed , " said Higgins told the WSJ . The media reports also emphasize the conflicting information from Malaysia . Example , transcripts of conversations air traffic control officer with the cockpit crew with the Malaysian government issued different versions .

Malaysian officials have been heavily criticized by U.S. lawmakers and Chinese officials . They accuse Malaysia has been hiding information from the public about the tragedy MH370 . Similar criticism has also been leveled Malaysian opposition leader , Anwar Ibrahim, who wonder why Malaysia is considered an advanced radar to detect aircraft MH370 .

But Malaysian officials defended themselves by saying that they have tried to be transparent in providing information about the tragedy of flight MH370 .

George Snyder , an airline pilot and former senior U.S. security officials , said the plane crash investigation will never be the same to be applied in the investigation of incidents that occurred at this time .

Higgins and other experts say , that in countries with a strong aviation industry such as the U.S. , UK and Singapore , an international group of investigators immediately established if the accident was a big category .

Meanwhile , Malaysian officials did not respond to the question , why the long delay of Malaysia to form a team of international investigators in the investigation of plane tragedy MH370 . They claim , is a multinational air search involving 26 countries have already become part of the global effort .

With the MH370 Malaysia slumped tragedy .

The victim's family MH370 aircraft warning light candles in a month MH370 tragedy .
The tragedy of the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 reaped criticism from leading columnists . They consider not only Malaysia has sunk in the international arena but also in the region .

Open Communist Bloomberg , William Pesek , writing , the emergence of a global protest against Putrajaya Malaysia has proved weak in handling an accident planes .

In an article entitled " Missing plane will haunt of Malaysia 's future" ( aircraft lost will haunt the future of Malaysia ) , she smirked praise U.S. President Barack Obama, who declared Malaysia as an example of a country with a dynamic economy and a multicultural country .

Pesek said , it sounds naive praise Obama after the tragic tragedy occurred . His criticism was referring to the handling of the tragedy MH370 aircraft by Prime Minister Najib Razak . "Fairly or not , since March 8 when MH370 aircraft lost on the way to Beijing , Malaysia has lost prestige , both in the region and around the world , " he said .

Malaysia Media Blames Loss of Indonesia on MH 370. 

Malaysian media that support the government, representatives of Malaysia, making speculative allegations about the loss of the aircraft Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. They accused the Indonesian involved in this incident.
Malaysian envoy issued the charges based on conspiracy theory websites Cabal Times. In speculation, the site mentions MH370 aircraft to fly to the United States Military Bases (U.S.) Diego Gracia.
According Cabal Times, which swallowed whole by a messenger Malaysia, Indonesia radar certainly know the whereabouts of the aircraft. envoy said Indonesia has a secret agreement with the U.S., so do not tell radar data showed the existence of Malaysia Airlines plane.
"However, Indonesia is believed to state the problem involved in the 'secret globalization' or the West disagreements that have a particular agenda, it is definitely silent about what their impression on their radar, the portal defendant," wrote envoy Malaysia, as reported by Okezone Tuesday (03/18/2014).
Earlier, Prime Minister Najib Razak ensure that the aircraft Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 turn directions with intentional. Razak also admitted that the aircraft transmitter and communications system intentionally disabled.
delegates also questioned why no one is reported on the existence of MH370? According to them it is done because U.S. forces comply with applicable operational standards. They also alleged that the U.S. turned a blind eye to what is seen on the radar.
While the envoy explained Cabal Times exposure of related actions that do not reveal the whereabouts of U.S. MH370. This is related because MH370 brings a large number of people in China and the U.S. want to damage relations with China Malaysia.
Malaysian envoy several times showed hostility with Indonesia. This media before publishing editorials calling former President Habibie as traitors.
While the search process by the Government of Malaysia are considered MH370 is slow. Even the Malaysian government itself which gives the impression of the information covered.
Australian aviation observer, Geoffrey Thomas, said the Malaysian not provide clear information about the transmitter is disabled plane intentionally.
For Thomas , the late Malaysian government announced the information is not acceptable . According to him , when the information was immediately released , can make a search party looking for the right location without having to waste time and effort searching in the South China Sea .

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Did you know Mystery unanswered About Loss of MAS MH370?

Did you know Mystery unanswered About Loss of MAS MH370? 

MAS MH370 disappearance led to a variety of speculations.
One of them is monitored directly by Of course there is a mystery shrouded in unanswered plane of incidence of the loss of the Boeing 777-200. To find out the mystery, let us consider together the following.

Why is not there a danger signal? 

Air traffic controllers Malaysia, Subang Air Traffic Control, did not receive a distress signal from the plane. Both the pilot and co-pilot usually do 'something' if they have a problem. A British aviation safety experts say, something 'extraordinary' if there is no record of emergency calls. The plane had been about 35,000 feet when it lost contact, so the pilot had plenty of time to report technical issues. "Something happened on the plane and the pilot did not tell anyone. Why?'s A good question," said Global Flight Safety and Editor David Learmount.
"Surprisingly, the pilot contacted the control tower because they have a lot of time. Unless there is a bomb on board, but there is no evidence that for it," he added.

Why does it take so long for the airline to MAS flight MH370 disclose it lost?
Air traffic controllers lost contact with the aircraft at MAS MH370 at 02:40 local time. But for hours, waiting relatives in Beijing thought it was just a delayed flight. Bulletin board at the airport did not give an indication of the disaster. Some families of the passengers said, the first time they actually know the plane was missing from the news instead of the Malaysia Airlines. These eventually issued a statement at 9:05 pm, Saturday (8/3).
"We are very sorry for losing all contact with the flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur and it should be up to 12:41 Beijing time."

How can passengers on a plane using stolen passports? Interpol confirms at least two passports recorded as lost or stolen, but used by a passenger on the flight. Interpol continues to investigate the stolen passport. Recorded two names in the flight manifest, namely Luigi Maraldi, 37-year-old Italian citizen, Christian Kozel, 30-year-old Austrian citizen. Both claimed lost passport some time ago in Thailand. "While it is too early to speculate about the relationship between stolen passports and plane missing, which obviously there is great concern that rising international airline passengers can use stolen passports," said Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said in a statement. Interpol continues to communicate with a number of countries involved in trying to establish the true identity of the passenger who boarded the plane with the stolen documents. Interpol also check out all the other passport on the flight 'which may have been reported stolen'.

Is the plane tried to turn back? 

Radar signals showed the plane may have been trying to change the direction back to Kuala Lumpur. Military officers said it was investigating the possibility of MAS flight MH370 retrying of these scheduled before disappearing.

Is there a connection with terrorism? 

The absence of danger signs or evidence of mechanical error, plus the fact the use of stolen passports by passengers, making some people speculated that the aircraft was the target of a terrorist attack. MAS MH370 passenger aircraft from 14 countries, the majority of Chinese citizens. In recent years, a number of ethnic minorities in China have launched terror attacks against the country's interests. Uighurs are the majority of Muslims, concentrated in the northern province - western Xinjiang, has a close relationship with the Central Asian cultures and have been fighting for independence from China. Some time ago the group accused of a violent attack on a Chinese train station. In addition, there are also Tibetans who resisted the control of China for centuries. However, so far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack on the missing plane.

Why another pilot heard a murmur and no interference when he tried to contact the MAS flight MH370? 

A pilot of other aircraft around MAS flight MH370 aircraft, said he heard a murmur and a nuisance when trying to contact the missing plane. The pilot who asked not to be named, said the plane is heading Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan, is able to make contact using the emergency frequency. "The sound we hear it could be the pilot Captain Captain Zaharie (Ahmad Shah, 53) or co-pilot Fariq (Abdul Hamid, 27), but I'm sure it was a co-pilot. There are a lot of noise, but I heard mumbling from the other end . was the last time we hear from them, because we lost the connection, "he told the New Sunday Times.

Why have not discovered the wreckage? 

This is important, because more than 72 hours after the MAS flight MH370 declared missing, still missing debris. Dozens of ships and aircraft from 11 countries have been exploring the South China Sea to look for signs of the plane but have not found anything. Some indeed have claimed to have found a few flakes in certain locations, but there is no confirmation stating it is true that aircraft debris.

Is the oil spill in the sea are found associated with the missing plane?
Vietnamese Air Force aircraft reported finding two puddle of oil in the waters of the South China Sea, the location of which is strongly suspected as the point of contact loss MAS flight MH370. The oil slick has a diameter of 10 to 15 kilometers. Each pool of 500 meters separated. Mentioned, the puddles that were about 140 miles south of the Tho Chu Island, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam. But after the oil slick samples examined, it turns out it is not a fuel derived from MAS flight MH370 belonging to the missing.

Phone still rings true passenger? 

A relative of passengers from China, which is on the flight said he had contacted his brother via cell phone. It said the phone was connected but there was no answer. Reportedly, Chinese television has a video recording of a family who called the family who was a passenger plane. The call is connected, but no one answered.

Are we going to know for sure events that befall the plane? 

Loss of plane suddenly is a rare occurrence of a catastrophic flight. This mystery is compounded by uncertainty about the country where the plane crashed. During takeoff and landing are the most dangerous moment in the flight. While the MAS flight MH370 loss of contact occurs after the plane took off two hours which is the stage of 'safe' in a flight. Director of Safety at Flightglobal Ascend, aviation consultant based in the UK, said, "This is a very unusual event." Only one similar disasters, loss of Air France Flight 447 which crashed in the Atlantic in 2009 en route from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Paris, France. The investigation could not convince the reason the fall of Airbus A330 aircraft until the black boxes recovered from the ocean floor two years later. The incident is likely to revive the debate about whether the plane's black box had to be replaced with a satellite-based system that is able to send back the recording in real time. Actually, such a system already exists. But so far can be applied to the aircraft for reasons of cost and logistics.

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Did you know Everburning Mystery Lamp - Ancient Lights Can Lights Thousand Years.

Did you know Everburning Mystery Lamp - Ancient Lights Can Lights Thousand Years.

In the old days , everyone still using oil lamps . In medieval times , when the looting occurred tomb discovered this ancient lights still burning in tombs closed / sealed in various places , especially Europe . Though based encryption listed in the tomb or the time since the tomb was made , the tomb has been there hundreds to thousands of years before the tomb was opened . It defines the lights are placed inside the tomb was kept burning thousands of years . Is such a thing really exist ? This is the mystery " Eternal Light "

Oil lamps .

Before discussing this mystery , it helps us to know about oil lamps . Oil lamp is a lamp that functions like a candle but using oil as fuel . The oil and wicks were varied material . For oil there is the use of olive oil , fish oil , and so on . The sections of this oil lamp is no hole for refueling , pit where the fire exit , and grip . How it works axis will be put in the lamp , placed at the exit end of the fire , another one at the end where the oil is located . Fire lit and will absorb oil as fuel for the flame continued to burn for some time .

Eternal Mystery Lights , Findings .

Why is found in the tombs ? That's because people used to think , those who died will need natural light to guide him in death . So diletakkanlah light in a place like that .

It is a story about the discovery of the light ;

Plutarch , a Roman historian , once wrote about a lamp in the temple of Jupiter Ammon door , according to the pastor there , the lights remain lit for centuries without fuel and wind can not be extinguished even water .

St . Augustine, a Latin philosopher ( 354-430 ) describes a temple in Egypt with a light that can not be extinguished wind and water . He said they had this thing as an artificial demon .

In the year 527 , in Edessa ( or Antioch ) , Syria , when the emperor Justinian , soldiers found the eternal light in the arch at the gate . The lamp enclosed protected from the air . Based on the inscriptions are listed there , the lights were turned on in 27 . Means that the lamp has been burning for 500 years , before being destroyed by the soldiers found

In 1401, near Rome a lamp found in the tomb of Pallas , son of the Trojan king , Evander . Which has been burning for more than 2000 years , can not be turned off in the usual way as the water and the wind . How to turn it off just by sucking / spend all strange liquid contained in the lamp .

But , Pallas Evander also exists only in epic Aeneid , and no doubt his grave in the real world .

Around the year 1540 , in the pontificate of Paul III , a lamp found near the Appian Way in Rome . The tomb is believed to belong to Tulliola , son of Cicero , a Roman orator . He died in the year 44 BC. Versions for this case vary , some say it was found in 1480 and died 45 BC Tulliola The lights were found dead and can not be turned back due to the opening of the door of the tomb , as the " Met " in the air .

In 1534 , when the future King Henry VIII do with the separation of the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church Monastery Dissolution events , many tombs were looted . in Yorkshire , a lamp that lights are found in the tomb Constantious Chlorus , father of Constantine the Great . He died in the year 300 , which means that the light was kept burning for more than 1200 years .

In France , near Grenoble , in the mid 17th century , a young Swiss soldier , Du Praz was accidentally discovered an ancient tomb entrance . He found the lights on and bring it to the Abbey . The pastor was surprised to see that the discovery of the light and stored in a convent , a few months later a minister dropped the lamp shattering . When she gets older , Du Praz tell this to Johann Helfrich Jungken , which then publishes through his treatise " Curious Experimental Chemistry " In 1681

Giovanni Baptista Porta Della Porta or , in his treatise " Natural Magic " , in 1550 , on the island of Nesis , Naples bay , a tomb was found with the bright lights on inside , the lamp is in a glass tube . However, while the entry of air into the tomb , the lights went pale and die so quickly . The tomb was said to have existed before the era of Christ begins .

Ludovicus Vives , in his letter to St . Augustine in 1610 , wrote about the discovery of the light at the time of his father , in 1580 AD . Based on the inscription , the lamp has been burning for 1500 years but fell to pieces when touched . Ludovicus not sepandang with St . Augustine, he thinks the light is the result of the discovery of someone who is skilled and wise , not made with the devil .

A further discovery occurred in about the year 1500 near Ateste , a small town in Padua , Italy by a man from the countryside who were digging in the field , find a large box , thinking to find the treasure , forcibly opened by that person . In it was found jars of clay , along with two small jars , one of gold and one of silver . In a small jar , there weird fluid . In clay jars , in which there is a small clay jars contained didalamnnya lights on . In clay jars outside , there is the Latin inscription means that in case :

" This ministry is dedicated to Pluto . Thieves , do menyentuhnya.Tempat is unknown as there are in the earth. Maximus Olybius is appropriately presented.
Thing here as the protector himself and his resources. Liquid is not worth for rest"

In a small jar containing inscriptions ;
" Get out of here , go thief . Kau -faced and dressed like a spy . Go as fast as Mercury , with hat and caduceusnya . Maximus Olybius Leave a superb offering for Pluto "

Based Fraternatis manifesto Fama , Christian tombs Rosenkreuz , founder of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood , opened 120 after his death by the villagers . Inside was found the lights blazing , but when people come in and it's getting accidentally stepped on something ( may trigger ) on the floor , inside the tomb automaton moves mechanically and destroy the lamp with a stick . Then the lights be kept confidential .

It says there are 2 lights that are stored in the University of Leyden . But there is no further info about this thing there .

Moreover these lights are found also in the sealed tomb near Memphis and Temple Brahmins in India , but when the intake air , the fire dies and make the fuel evaporates . Some say the eternal light also found in various parts of the world .

Enterprises - Enterprises Solve the Mystery .

In this period , the influence of medieval times are still very large and difficult untu learning and researching , so a lot of people who think that something strange and mysterious as the work of the devil -made .

Francisco Torreblanco publish text books in 1623 , where he asks " Does this thing work demon ? " , Even though in the end he believes this thing as a natural wonder . Can be made ​​with the right materials and skilled inventor .

After Torreblanco and some other experts think about these issues , to be a little expert who believes this thing is made by the devil . Even if there are some skeptics , such as Johannes Faber , Sir Kenelm Digby , Pierre Petit and several others , who concluded no such lamps . There are also those who argue that finding this light one can see, they actually saw a flash of metal or gems in the dark eating , and one identifies as the fire lit .

French mathematician Marin Mersenne (1588-1648) , not only believe in the eternal light of this , he even made ​​the recipe . Unfortunately the recipe is lost , the possibility of Mersenne recipe is similar to a recipe from Mazzota Benedetto ( 1653 ) makes the axis of asbestos and oil made from human feces .

Some believe the use of light axis of Asbestos , or commonly called the Alchemists Salamander 's Wool . The oil is also used Alchemy products .

Athanasius Kircher , a Jesuit Graduate trying to extract oil from asbestos because they believe the object was fire resistant and able to make a lamp . But after two years of probation with no results , he says it is impossible .

In 1669 , German alchemist Hennig Brand of Hamburg discovered a substance in the form of soft iron which can be lit in the dark . This substance we call Phosphorus .

1674 , experimenter and British naturalist Robert Plot , conducted a study on the lights . Initially he surveyed the literature back to the 16th century and find ample testimony of the witnesses for the existence of the light . From there Plots think , what makes it durable axis ? It used to be said using asbestos , but he usually has enough iron . He experimented with iron wire , which failed to contain the fire . Next he found the use of refractory gold wire and corrosion resistance .

Next fuel , he asked what materials are used ? No oil , as pure as any that burned so long to fire a thousand years. He thinks the solution is a major source of oil around the lights . If the tomb was made around the source of the oil , then the oil will be sufficient for thousands of years . Some experts also assume so .

Another question occurred to plot , how a fire can be lit in a closed room ? although oxygen has not been " found " in those days , people were already convinced combustion requires air . Plot decide , the light will turn on only when the door is opened . How? Air impregnation with gold wire phosphorus sufficient to turn on the lights . Sometimes phosphorus will burn if it met the air , especially if the air was humid . When the door of the tomb is opened , air will come in and light a fire , this is the plot theory .

But the plot of this mystery has not been solved , there is no evidence of the use of phosphorus lamp , even the first person was not familiar with phosphorus , besides being a mysterious liquid fuel is the normal amount . There is no connection to the source of oil or gas have been reported .

Eternal Light recipe ?

There are recipes from Willy Schrodter eternal light , a researcher Rosicrucians , here's the recipe :

" It takes ingredients 1 1/2 Ounce 1 Ounce Sulfur and Alum Fuel . ( 1 Ounce = 28 grams )
and put them in a pot sublimation after thorough mixing . Place the pot mouth like the mouth of this bond and seal the well with cement pottery . The inside of the pan with the mixture set on fire so that it becomes red hot coal for about an hour , and fixed mass sublimation is taken to be destroyed by a mortar . Half pure borax added to the mortar and the resulting powder was then reduced to a powder in a mortar similar . This powder is placed in a glass or porcelain basin shallow and covered with ethyl alcohol (High Rectified Spirit of Wine ) . This basin is now placed in hot ashes , which is on top of a coal fire in a small pot , and alcohol allowed to evaporate slowly . When the object is somewhat thickened , such as oil , a little part will be removed and placed on a piece of hot copper . Now if this thing is like wax and smokeless , then it is ready , but , if it still smoky , alcohol should be poured back into the basin and evaporated as before , and this process must be repeated until the sample is no longer emitting smoke when tested . The product is then ready .

Axis will now be made , about 2 inches long and as thick as a large quill . The material used is a white fibrous asbestos or gypsum ( steatite ) tied with silk thread . Objects that are ready then placed in a strong glass , wick inserted and materials that had been stored for 24 hours in the hot sand . Axis is pulled up the hole until only small portions of the axis visible and pour hot sulfur mass , and the glass is placed in the hot sand until the mass of sulfur melted and gathered around the axis . Finally , the light that has been prepared in this way will be lit with the light and placed in a place where it will not be disturbed. Then it will continue to burn without ever die . "

Actually there is one more recipe from H.P. Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled in his book . But because the same recipe and more clearly artificial Willy , I chose Willy , if you want to see please visit the web Sacred Text .

Modern Eternal Fire .

( Eternal Fire " Tomb of Unknown Soldier " )
Eternal flame not only in ancient times , today many eternal flame memorial made ​​for the benefit of an event . But the fire is not truly immortal , this fire is supplied by a gas line located not far from the fire , and hidden place. , Eg Eternal Fire " Tomb of Unknown Soldier " in Russia , and the eternal flame of John F. Kennedy in America .  There is also an eternal flame that keeps most natural gas supply coming out of the earth like the Eternal Fire in Mrapen , Central Java and the " Gates of Hell " in Turmeknistan.

Explanations That Allows .

Bishop John Wilkins , one of the inventors of the Royal Society , said the lights visible when the door is opened , it is possible for Fosforesens , which is a natural product of the decomposition of animals and plants . Posed little light is bright enough for circumstances that are so dark . Because the light of this, there is the impression that the light was coming from the fire . But he did not say , in addition to fuel , there is the possibility of inlet air supply to the combustion . With the fosforesens, people thought the "art" of making lamps have been found, but in fact the ability of phosphorescence will disappear after some time in the dark , and need longer exposures to light to activate the back lighting .

If viewed from the story , strange enough for the existence of these objects , from the Tomb of Pallas that should not be there ( Tomb of Pallas Pallas there is only a freed slave , not the son of the Trojan king ) . All the same fate lamp , which is destroyed or dead . But from the story , the type of light that is quite varied , from there you can not die by the wind and even water , and can only be turned off by spending a liquid fuel , there also are dead when it meets the air . Both types are practically impossible , the fire usually subjected to water or wind dies . And the second type , it turns on when the Fire meet the air , instead of dying . Fire even need air for combustion processes , whereas in the sealed tomb , there are air will be exhausted to the initial burning lamp . Is this true of the object ?

Some other questions arise , why not find the light again ? Are all been plundered runs out ? If the lamp should be widespread , it will still be found even when the renaissance , what happens ? Of whether the object is created ? Is there an invisible secret of the lights ?

We know there are some descriptions above will this thing , which is derived from the Asbestos axis (Age of majority believe it is ) , Oil unclear origin possibility alchemy products or use olive oil or regular oil like a normal lamp . Most lights waterproof and wind , most die if the air meet . Some were there in a sealed glass tube .

Several explanations are possible  ;

- Eternal Light only see mistakes witnesses who saw a flash of light rock gems ( Eyewitness glimpse ) . But this can not explain the fire Maximus Olybius also some other lights such as lamps Du Praz visible as light , too light in Edessa / Antioch and other lights that look straight and not at a glance .

- Lights are seen lasting phosphorescence events , as explained above , phosphorescence can not explain some cases . Plus phosphorescence properties are rare , and also people that age are not familiar with phosphorus .

- There is a hole for air supply and fuel supply lines , this is evidence that the most likely in my opinion , because the hole is easily made ​​hidden in the tomb , can be made at angles that are rarely seen , makes an impression when hollow closed space . But this denies the lights off when in contact with air . For the supply line , some experts like Kircher and others support this theory , because the channel can be hidden from the sight of witnesses . But denying Du Praz light and portable Olybius Maximus .

From any source , the opposite type of light will complicate and create skepticism . Because if these two types actually exist , it means that the material used is different . Or if all the same type of light , there is a source of hoax stories . Either of different materials or sources of error . But all of these stories have been accepted and included in the various books and sources even in the paper . The existence of these lamps have largely accepted and almost free from skepticism , even if the contents of the lamp itself dubious .

( Pittsburg newspaper , the Post -Gazette , Wednesday, February 11, 1903 )

For the recipe , is not known to be true because there has been no reports of people who managed to make it . Maybe you could try it .

Unfortunately , all the lights were destroyed , because it is considered as the result of artificial demon . So it can not be researched ingredients as the original object was not there . Until now the mystery is still debated and not yet found a bright spot .

So , thank you for reading this article .
Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno .

Did You Know About CASANOVA And his Love Story ?

Did You Know About CASANOVA And his Love Story ?

Every time the name Casanova called it matters discussed certainly not far from sex , women and playboy .
That makes life a man who had died three centuries ago is so remembered.

Many sources are noted he deals with many women even though their validity is doubtful because there are historians who argue up to 200 women ever close to him .


The man named Giacomo Girolamo Casanova native was born in Venice , Italy on April 2, 1725, and died on June 4, 1798 the eldest of six children , his mother named Zanetta Farusi a theater performer , and his father named Gaetano Giuseppe Casanova died at the age of 8 years .

Physical Appearance .

If viewed from a painting made ​​of him it can be concluded
Casanova is a handsome , charismatic and has a high posture and athletic .

CASANOVA profession .

This man's job manifold ( odd )
It could be said Casanova less fortunate at that time because it was not born among the nobility , despite that Casanova is a graduate of law from the University of Padua , Italy .
He once worked as ;
- Officers admin
- Army ( although brief )
- Candidate clergy ( priests )
- Businessman
- Gamblers
- Paranormal
- Prisoners
- Agent espionage
- Musician ( especially violin )
- Author
- Librarian ( last profession before he died )

CASANOVA heritage .

Casanova is famous for its unyielding before it can bring a woman into his arms . This is understandable , because of the unyielding , the woman saw that Casanova was really serious with him , and make him think that he assumes she is special to so seriously want .

In the dictionary Casanova , he always treated women with specials , always giving love and attention to the total . According to him , give " true love " , then she will be on your feet knees .

He has summarized his adventures in autobiography , entitled Histoire De Ma Vie ( Story of my life ) .

At the age of 11 Years Experience .

Overview story of his childhood , little Casanova was treated by his grandmother because his mother is a famous theater less often around Europe .
Conceivably Casanova bleak childhood without enough affection of the nuclear family , Casanova is also not too close to his mother .

Short stories Casanova living in the house of a clergyman named Abe Gozzi cum scientist who taught academic science and playing the violin .

The stay at home scientist brother also named Bettina scientist who doubles as the waiter aged less than 17 years .

In his book , Casanova wrote that he had a special relationship and Bettina , Bettina he described as a beautiful young woman , soft-hearted and fond of romantic stories .

Casanova wrote at the age of 11 years Bettina fondle herself first .
And sometimes peek Bettina Casanova who was in the shower , and Bettina was aware of , but not angry and let it go .
This experience made ​​an impression in the minds of Casanova small to carry over into adulthood .

True adventurers .

One of the reasons why his name is very well known at that time was because he often traveled around from one city to another in Europe looking for a woman or business relationships among the above . All major cities in Europe never explored

Life is very interesting man even he had escaped from prison at the age of 30 years who is very famous in his escape from prison Venezia .

He also was involved in a fight a duel armed love of a woman .

Sex , Women and Fun .

During his life Casanova was fortunate enough to be accepted and hung out at the top ( nobility ) Europe , spent his life chasing women and gambling or parties gathered at the noble glamor of that era .

Remains of Single .

Although loved and liked by many women but the figures until the end of this idealistic remain unmarried though it does not count anymore how many times he did couples relationship
This is consistent with the philosophy of life that marriage is a graveyard for true love .

CASANOVA Thought philosophy .

Some of the words and thoughts of the famous Casanova ;

1 . Regarding God .
" ... God , great principle of all minor principles , God , who is Himself without a principle, and could not conceive Himself , if , in order to do it , He required to know His own principle ... "

2 . Regarding women .
" I do not conquer , I submit "

3 . Regarding Marriage .
" .... Marriage is the tomb of love .... "

4 . Regarding confidence .
"Be the flame , not the moth . "

5 . Regarding Life .
" I am writing My Life to laugh at myself , and I am succeeding . "

"If you have not done Things worthy of being written about , at least write Things worthy of being read . "

( If you have never done something meaningful to write about your life , at least write something meant to be read )

6 . Regarding sex and love .
" Real love is the love that sometimes arises after sensual pleasure : if it does , it is immortal ; the other kind inevitably goes stale , for it lies in mere fantasy . "

Discussing women around Casanova is a challenge because the love story is very complicated and sometimes Casanova winding is also full of political intrigue .

But of the hundreds of women he dated there are some special and made reference to historians in studying the life of Casanova .

Casanova graduated from the University of Padua in 1742 when aged 17/18 years
with a degree in law .
With academic degree in hand and also support the physical charisma quickly Casanova can hang with the top Venezia .

One of them is Senator Alvise Gasparo Malipiero 70 years old
Who teaches the nobility in governance norms socialite life in Venice .

Casanova living in the senator's home .
It turned out that the Senator has a dream woman named Teresa Imer .

Madame Teresa attracted to Casanova and Casanova also welcomed the surge of romance , and they were in a relationship , and eventually caught by the senator .

Casanova was expelled from the senators , at the time this runaway youth passion and he increasingly became associated with two women at once brothers named Nanetta and Mary Savorgnan .

Of course at this age all the connections made with the opposite sex Casanova has involved actual sexual activity . And stories like this will continue in his life despite repeated with different women .

Due to Casanova 's life story has been mixed with the legend
not all romance Casanova well documented .

However, there are some widely recognized by historians , namely ;
- Some noble women in Italy and France
- Actress
- Dancer
- Royal service
- Two nuns
- The sister of a clergyman
- Five siblings including her mother's maiden
- A rich woman in the UK
- And others.

Historical Facts of Life CASANOVA .

Based Histoire de ma vie , it was revealed that Casanova sex adventure started when he was 11 years old . At that time , he lived in the house of a clergyman who taught him various disciplines . With his brother pendetalah , Casanova first intercourse , which then makes sex addiction .

Allegedly , Casanova suffered sex addiction is a derivative of her mother . Mother Casanova is an actress in a theater in Venice is hiperseks woman who gave birth to a child a few times instead of the result of the marriage .

Based on the book was also revealed that her romance 132 lakoni in a span of 32 years , or roughly four year romance scandal .

So , thank you tel ; ah read this article .
Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno .

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Did You Know Facts About Covert Ir. Sukarno?

Did You Know Facts About Covert Ir. Sukarno? 

1. On August 17, 1945 at 08.00, it turns Bung Karno was fast asleep in his room, on East 56th Street Pegangsaan, Cikini. He experienced the symptoms of tertian malaria.

2. Indonesian Independence Day Ceremony turns take place without the protocol, no corps music , no conductor and no variety of senses . Flagpole is made from bamboo stems are rough, and grown just a few minutes before the ceremony . But then, the reality that is happening in a sacred ceremony which awaited for over three hundred years !

3. Heritage Flag of the Red and White is the first official flag of the Republic of Indonesia. White color of the fabric and bed linen red color of the fabric artisan soup!

4. After 43 years of independence, Indonesia has a new first minister truly "indigenous Indonesian". Because first, all previous minister born before August 17, 1945. "The original Indonesia" who became the first minister is Ir Akbar Tanjung (born in Sibolga, North Sumatra, August 30, 1945), as the Minister of Youth and Sports in Development Cabinet V (1988-1993).

5. Borneo island once called the most unique in the world. On the island, there are three heads of state who ruled! President Suharto (4 ruled the province), Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (Sabah and Sarawak) and Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (Brunei).

6.  In 1956 at a hotel in Hollywood , Maryln Bung Karno monroe greeting instead of " Mr. President " or "Your Excellency " , but with " Prince Sukarno " ( some sources say the Maryln night her " one night stand " with Soekarno )

7. The original manuscript text of Proclamation of Indonesian Independence handwritten by Bung Karno and Bung Hatta dictated by, apparently never owned and stored by the Government! Curiously, the historical manuscripts actually saved well by journalist BM Diah. Diah found the draft proclamation it in a wastebasket in the house of Admiral Maeda, August 17, 1945 early morning, after copied and typed by Sajuti Melik.

On May 29, 1992, Diah handed the draft to President Soeharto, after saving for 46 years 9 months 19 days.

8. The first words out of the mouth of Bung Karno after coming out of exile is a problem on a coat! "Pieces nice your coat!" Said Bung Karno first on a double breast suits worn by former in-law, Anwar Tjokoroaminoto, who picked him up with a handful of Bung Hatta and nationalists.

9. The feeling in the world , only the founding fathers of Indonesia who never bathed in urine. When I got home from the Dalat ( Saigon ) , Vietnam , August 13, 1945 , along Soekarno Hatta , Dr. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat and Dr. Suharto ( personal physician Bung Karno ) fighter bomber boarded a double motor .

On second thought , find a way out of an unbearable desire it . See little holes in the wall plane , that's where Bung Karno releasing his intent . Because the wind was so strong at all , air- sprayed urine and wet all passengers .

10. When August 17 became the date of birth of Indonesia, precisely that date becomes the date of death of the originator of the pillars of Indonesia. On that date, the creator of the national anthem "Indonesia Raya", WR Soepratman (d. 1937) and the originator of the science of Indonesian, Herman van der Tuuk Neubronner (d. 1894) died.

11. Jakarta, where Indonesian proclamation of independence and the city where the Bung Karno and Bung Hatta fighting, not enough reward to commemorate co-proclaimer of Indonesia. Until this moment, there is no "Jalan Soekarno-Hatta" in the capital city of Jakarta.

In fact, their names were never immortalized on a building object any public facility until 1985, when an airport was inaugurated by using their names.

12. Proclaimers title for Bung Karno and Bung Hatta, just the title given orally Indonesian people to him for 41 years! Therefore, the new 1986 permerintah give the title officially proclaimed to them.

13. Minister of Cabinet Affairs. Soepeno, Minister of Youth Development and the Hatta Cabinet, is the only minister who was shot dead Netherlands. A tip of the revolver, put in his mouth and blown viciously by a Dutch soldier. Bullet penetrated through his left temple, when he and his aides were bathing in a waterfall.

14. No country in the world that have the capital to three in a relatively short period of time. Between 1945 and 1948, Indonesia has 3 capital city, Jakarta (1945-1946), Yogyakarta (1946-1948), and Bukittinggi (1948-1949).

15. Puppet turned out to have bad luck symbol for the ruling regime in Indonesia. Imagine, in 1938-1939, the Dutch through De Javasche Bank issued banknotes puppet series and in 1942, the Dutch East Indies collapsed defeated Japan.

In 1943, the Japanese Occupation Government issued paper money and the Arjuna puppet series Gatotkoco and 1945, the Japanese were expelled from Indonesia by the Allies.

In 1964, President Sukarno issued a new banknote series puppet with broken Rp 1 and Rp 2.5 and 1965 to the beginning of his rule following the collapse G30S/PKI.

16. The first command of President Sukarno when selected as the first president of Indonesia, not forming a cabinet or signed a decree, but rather call an satay! That was done on the way home, after being elected by acclamation as president. Incidentally on the road to meet an artisan satay shirtless and nyeker (barefoot).

"Satay chicken skewers fifty!", The command of President Sukarno. Satay was eaten with gusto by a dirty gutter. And that, the first command to the people once the first party on his appointment as the leader of 70 million more people than a large country that is one day old.

17. Sutan Sjahrir, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Indonesia first, to be an Indonesian who has achievements "remarkable" and there will never be that match. The time he died in 1966 in Zurich, Switzerland, its status as a political prisoner. But when buried in Jakarta a few days later, changed its status as a National Hero of Indonesia

The Story of Former President Ir.Soekarno. 

1. The first command as President Sukarno. 

Sukarno figure has a unique story that invites a thousand smiles. I wonder what the first order of President Sukarno when he became President?

The day after the independence of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 1945, the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence (PPKI) convened. They set as the first President Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta as vice president of Indonesia.

No fierce debate in the assembly on the van Indie Road Building in Jalan Pejambon it. Quite simply, PPKI chose Sukarno as president. In stark contrast to the House plenary session in full fanfare, protest and head-to-quarrel.

The story is told Sukarno in his biography written by Cindy Adams "Sukarno, Indonesia's mouthpiece People's Bung Karno Foundation published in 2007.

"Well we've been stateless since yesterday. And a state requires a President. What if we chose Sukarno? "

Sukarno replied, "All right."

It's that simple. Then be the first President Sukarno of Indonesia. His name is a new country for the rest of the day, there is no car that brought Sukarno presidency. Sukarno then went home on foot.

"In the street I met with satay handyman who trade on the sidewalk. His Excellency President of the Republic of Indonesia call it barefoot merchants and issuing the first command execution. Chicken satay skewers 50! "Said Sukarno.

That was the first president of the RI command. "The chicken satay skewers 50!"

Soekarno then squatting on the edge of gutter near a dumpster. Crouched, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Indonesia was spending 50 chicken satay skewers with gusto. That's inaugural celebration party as President.
When Sukarno returned home, he expressed himself was elected as president on Fatmawati, his wife. Fatmawati not jumping for joy. Fatmawati will tell his father before he died.

"On the night before the father died, leaving only two of us who have not been sleeping. I squeeze it to relieve the pain, when suddenly he said 'I see psychotherapy as a sign that soon ... in the near future ... my son will live in a big palace and white'. So this does not surprise me. Three months ago, Dad had predicted, "said Fatmawati quiet.
Sukarno was meant to be a big man in every story.

2. Sukarno love the culture of the nation. 

Since childhood, Soekarno very fond of puppet stories. He memorized many wayang stories since childhood. While still in school in Surabaya, Sukarno was willing to stay up if there are all-night wayang. He also likes to draw puppet on her slate.

Currently detained in any prison Banceuy wayanglah stories that give strength to Sukarno. Inspired by Gatot Kaca, Sukarno confident the truth will prevail, despite having lost many times before. He believes someday the Dutch colonizers will be defeated by the struggle of the Indonesian people.

"Puppet show in the cell is not only fun and cheer. He also soothing feeling and gives strength to me. Black shadows in my head evaporate like fog and I could sleep soundly with an affirmation of faith. That good will prevail over evil, "said Soekarno in his biography written by Cindy Adams" Soekarno, Indonesia's mouthpiece People's Bung Karno Foundation published in 2007.

Soekarno not only love of Javanese culture. He also admired the dances from around the country. Sukarno also so amazed by the welcome dance performed by the people of Papua.

Because the love of the arts and culture Sukarno, the State Palace is filled with a variety of paintings, sculptures and other art objects. Each went to the area, Sukarno always looking for something unique from the area.

He appreciates all artists, to gamelan. Sukarno would take the time to talk about art and culture every morning, in addition to talking politics.

Moments after the exiled restive G-30S/PKI, Sukarno kill time by listening to music keroncong once popular in the 1930s and then disappeared. For his hard work and some artists keroncong, Sukarno managed to save some work keroncong.

3. When Bung Karno Dutch forced carry bikes. 

There's just a funny story that comes from the Bung Karno, proclaimer who was born on June 6, 1901 and died on June 21, 1970. A funny story told by his wife Fatmawati. Fatmawati be the First Lady of Indonesia from 1945 to 1967 and is the 3rd wife of Sukarno. Fatmawati also known for his work in the heirloom sewing flag flag was also flown at the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence ceremony in Jakarta on August 17, 1945.

Fatmawati admit sometimes there are times innate cuteness than Sukarno. When Bung Karno already funny, so he made laugh. According Fatmawati, Soekarno was told that he was happy to joke. Glad to hear and tell funny. Bung Karno and cuteness cuteness is not a clown, but the attitude eccentric thinker.

According Fatmawati, when police followed Bung Karno Netherlands, the Dutch police was forced to carry his bike. Bung Karno know that he always followed by Dutch soldiers. Few Bung Karno unlawful, Netherlands quickly sent him to the jail. Precisely because they know the police will not remove any view of the Dutch followed suit, making him often playing the Dutch police.

At that time, Bung Karno was cycling, a police officer followed him. Bung Karno deliberately not speed up the pace of his bike. He ramped up with chill. The Dutch police also casually followed from a distance. Suddenly it occurred to make the police it was a hassle. On the edge of the rice fields, Bung Karno stop and leave his bike there. Then Bung Karno walk climbing the embankment, toward a settlement that is a bit far away, where a friend lived. Bung Karno know, the bike will not be picked up.

"Bung Karno know, the police did not dare let him out of her sight. He shall stalking Sukarno continued, "the story quoted from the book Fatmawati Future Young Bung Karno 'Publisher: Inter-City Library Foundation, Jakarta, 1978.

But the difficulty now is the bike should not be abandoned as a bicycle Bung Karno. Dutch police banned the discipline to leave his bike in the street. Eventually the police were forced to carry the bike while climbing the embankment shuffle. Occasional police entered kejeblos mud fields with a fairly heavy load. He did not dare let Bung Karno roam freely outside its control.

While Bung Karno had thought it was bad just naughty pursue a long embankment towards the township. He was with merry way, while behind the police followed grimly.

Those are some pieces that are sometimes amusing actions Sukarno, according Fatmawati often made him laugh to hear it.

4. Bung Karno and Mrs. Fatmawati, remember never married. 

In modern times, there is a tradition of the anniversary of marriage. If 25 years of marriage called mating silver, while 50-year marriage called mating gold. However, according to Ms. Fatmawati recognition, and Bung Karno he never celebrate marriage anniversary

Instead of mating mating gold or silver, wedding anniversary 1st, 2nd or 3rd course never. The reason is not because they never remember when getting married. This may be because during the marriage, was clad war era. At that time World War II was raging and new Japanese came to colonize Indonesia.

"We never celebrated mate silver or gold mating. Therefore we consider it trivial matter, while we are always faced with enormous problems great and terrible, "recalls Mrs. Fatmawati in the book Young Bung Karno Future, published by Inter-City Library, 1978.

Bung Karno and married life is filled with turmoil Fatmawati struggle. Two years after they married, Indonesia achieved independence. But this is not finished, just when the physical struggle reached its peak. Bung Karno was certainly involved in every important moments of national struggle.

The couple gave birth to their first son, namely Guntur Soekarnoputra. Guntur Sukarno was born at the time 42 years old. Next born Megawati, Rachmawati, Sukmawati, and thunder. Bung Karno children known to have a high artistic talent. It was not surprising considering the Bung Karno is an admirer of the works of art figure, while the mother Fatmawati very good at dancing.

5. When Soekarno Hatta peed. 

Dated August 8, 1945, the supreme leader of the Japanese forces in Southeast Asia, General Terauchi Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta call to Vietnam. Terauchi did not explain what he meant. This makes Soekarno and Hatta to wonder.

So they departed, accompanied by 20 high-ranking officials of the Japanese military. The plane carrying the crowded Soekarno. But nobody wants to talk about the reason for the call.

Turns Soekarno-Hatta meeting with Terauchi in Dalath is very important in Indonesian history. Japan claims will not hinder the independence of Indonesia. Japan realized they had defeated the allied forces. Conditions war completely changed. Japan has been defeated soundly in World War II in the Pacific.

The story is told Sukarno in his biography written by Cindy Adams "Sukarno, Indonesia's mouthpiece People's Bung Karno Foundation published in 2007.

So by bringing the good news and then returned to Indonesia Sukarno and Hatta. This time they are not a good passenger plane as he was before. They are already on a plane bomber wreckage. Many shot holes in the fuselage.

The plane also does not have a place to sit. The passengers sit on the floor or lying down. There is also no heating, so that the passengers shivering. Worse, there is also a small room.

Well, that was the problem, when the Sukarno wanted to pee. He whispered to Suharto, his personal physician.

"I want to piss. What should I do? "Whispered Sukarno.

Suharto also confused, no restroom. Then he pointed tail shot full of holes. "There is no place, so there is no other way. Dude had to pee in there, "said Suharto.

"All right. I walked slowly to the back of the plane and wreak hajatku. And I started a new, harsh winds slammed through the bullet holes and the water spout air throughout the room. My friends were poor water bath with a special, "beber Sukarno.

When landing in Jakarta, the nation's leaders were still wet with urine half the great leader of the revolution. Not explained how the Hatta and others when exposed to urine Sukarno.

6. Sukarno deceive Netherlands with eggs and the Qu'ran. 

Bung Karno founded the Algemene Study Club in Bandung. This organization became the forerunner of the Indonesian National Party which was founded in 1927. Sukarno's PNI activity in this will keep him in jail and then transferred to Banceuy Sukamiskin in 1930.

When incarcerated, Sukarno to rely on his wife. Whole life needs supplied by Inggit assisted by Sukarno's brother, Sukarmini or better known as Mrs. Ward.

When transferred to a prison Sukamiskin supervision of Sukarno increasingly hard and tight. He is classified as a dangerous prisoner. Even to isolate Sukarno in order not to receive information from the outside, he combined with the prisoners 'elite'. The prisoner group composed mostly of Dutch people involved in corruption, fraud, or embezzlement. Of course, chat with them does not connect with the young Sukarno who were eager to discuss the struggle for independence. At the most discussed is about food, the weather, and things that are not important.

The first few months of a prisoner in Sukamiskin Bung Karno communication with his compatriots breaking point at all. But actually, there are a variety of ways and made sense Sukarno to keep outside information.

It happened when the prison authorities allow Sukarno taken delivery of food and eggs from the outside. Eggs are a Inggit merchandise is always strictly checked by guards before received the Bung Karno.

As told by Mrs. Ward is quoted in the book 'Future Young Bung Karno' Intercity Library published in 1978, the egg becomes a communication tool to inform the state outside of the prison. How, when Inggit send salted egg, it means bad news out there that befall fellow Bung Karno. But he could only guess the only bad news, because Inggit can not explain in detail.

Over time, Sukarno and Inggit then find more sophisticated ways to trick the Netherlands. The medium is still the same, eggs. However, the eggs had been stabbed with a fine needle and a more detailed message about the bad news that can be understood Bung Karno. One puncture in egg means all good news, two puncture means a friend were arrested, and three puncture means there is a massive ambush against the independence movement activists.

There is another more complicated way using the medium of religious books to the Koran. Inggit who receive rations visited twice a week allowed to carry religious books and the Koran. For example, Bung Karno sent the Koran on 24 April. Then Bung Karno should open the fourth letter of the Koran on page 24. Under certain letters on the page there are small holes such as Braille. For example, under the letter B there is a puncture, then at the bottom of the letter U, and so on, to form a series of words and phrases that contains news of his compatriots who were outside the prison.

One more model of communication used Bung Karno. This method chosen Mrs. Ward, who always accompany Inggit Sukamiskin visited him in jail. He uses body language such as pulling ears, fingers crossed, wink, moving one hand to move the face. All of the code was already understood its meaning by Bung Karno.

During serving a sentence from December 1929 until released on December 31, 1931 , Sukarno was never visited by his parents who were Blitar . According to Mrs. Ward , their parents and Sosrodihardjo Soekemi Raden Ayu Nyoman Rai Ida could not see that they are proud of the children are in prison and the lowly place in a helpless position .

Moreover, while in Sukamiskin, according to Mrs. Ward, Sukarno conditions so skinny and black. But Bung Karno reasoned, he accidentally makes his skin turned black by working and moving in the hot sun to heat the bones. Because in the cell there is no sunlight, moist, dark, and cold.

7. Soekarno about Cuban cigars, Che and Castro. 

Che Guevara's first visit to Indonesia in 1959. El Comandante is a lengthy discussion about the revolution in Indonesia. At that time, Che is also the official representative of the government of Cuba to discuss trade relations between the two countries. Sukarno match personal Che. Both are full of energy and informal style ..

Che had traveled to Borobudur. He is impressed by Sukarno Sukarno then invited to replace a visit to Cuba.
Then in 1960, Sukarno, who pay a visit to Cuba. Cuban leader Fidel Castro immediately greeted at the Havana airport. Sukarno was greeted. Cubans stand along the road up posters that read 'Viva President Sukarno'.

Fidel Castro is also anti-American fit with Sukarno. History shows they never want to be dictated United States.

Sukarno presented Castro dagger , weapon native to Indonesia . They laughed as the two friends while exchanging headgear . Soekarno with cap exchange hat a la military commander that characterizes Castro . Che seemed happy wearing a skullcap Sukarno .

Unique, the presidential entourage had stopped only because the police officer who led the convoy wants to smoke a cigar.

The story is told aides Sukarno, Bambang Widjanarko in the book 'Eight Year Period Near the Bung Karno' Popular Library published by Scholastic.

It was in a convoy of three police Sukarno, who led the presidential motorcade paved the way. Suddenly police convoy leader to stop the bike and ordered the convoy to stop. Of course all participants wondered why the convoy stopped.

The police then took out a cigar, and went to the driver Sukarno. Apparently he wanted to borrow a match to light a cigar. Once lit, the police and give respect to Sukarno. He climbed his bike and led the convoy back to dashing. Cuban cigar while sucking of course.

"Bung Karno loose laugh seeing it. Apparently he was quite familiar Cuban revolution, "said Bambang.

The visit to Cuba is very impressive for Sukarno. Very different to a trip to Washington some time earlier. At that time Sukarno with President Eisenhower offended arrogant. Eisenhower considered underestimate the Soekarno come from third world countries.
She let Sukarno waiting at the White House almost half an hour. Soekarno anger exploded.

"Do you really mean to insult me. Right now I am going, "said Soekarno angrily.

U.S. officials also confusion. They were busy apologizing and asking Sukarno lived. Eisenhower was soon out to meet Sukarno.
At the next meeting, Eisenhower became more friendly. He realized Sukarno can not be underestimated.

8. Fuss Sukarno married a lot. 

The first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Sukarno, known to many wives. Had many wives and jealous certainly make Soekarno dizzy. Sometimes Sukarno was forced to play cat and mouse with his wife.

When Sukarno married to Hartini, Fatmawati angry and out of the palace. Sukarno's second wife chose to stay in New Kebayoran. Hartini finally do not live in a palace, but at the Bogor Palace pavilion. Then after marriage with Dewi Sukarno, the Japanese woman was placed in a guesthouse Yasoo, Jl Gatot Subroto. While other wives, Haryati 'placed' in the area Slipi, West Jakarta.

Lots of funny stories about polygamy Sukarno. For example about the letter. Due to busy, Sukarno did not have time to write a letter to his wife respectively. Then he asked for a palace scribe typing love letters to his wife.

But how shocked Sukarno when he found the love letters typed on official letterhead presidency. Complete with an eagle logo and the presidential seal. Not only that, the sender is not written as 'mas' or 'Sukarno' but His Excellency the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir Soekarno.

As a result of this many wives became the aide has an additional task. Sukarno aide, Bambang Widjanarko tell all these hassles.

The wife is always suspicious of Sukarno Sukarno go to where the after hours service was over. Is another meet his wife? home to the A, the B or the C? Sukarno's aides had to lie in order to save their boss.

"We have to help aides and secure any problems arise. If you need to lie, if the mother is asked whether Bung Karno meet with other mothers, "said Bambang Widjanarko in the book 'Eight Year Period Near the Bung Karno' Popular Library published by Scholastic.

If Sukarno asked "Am I neat?" Then 'neat' that means clean of lipstick, perfume and one of his wives. Aides also must be extra careful checking. If there is no trace of perfume, for example, the Soekarno will go home to the State Palace to shower and change clothes.

Once upon a time, Haryati, Sukarno heard his wife was seeing another. He was angry and wanted to catch up to the event. Sukarno, who received the report, ordered what and no matter what, should not be left Slipi Haryati.

Then 'sabotage operations' was held. Originally Haryati driver pretended his car broke down. Haryati the wrath requested that sent a car from the Palace. But the long hours that the car did not come. When the driver had managed to start the car the last strike, a truck suddenly broke down in front of his house. Haryati car could not get out of the garage. The successful sabotage missions.

Repot did have many wives are jealous.

9. Bung Karno was not like a sexy woman. 

President Sukarno during his lifetime is known to have charm, easily conquering beautiful women he wants. History records Bung Karno married nine times. But many do not know what women like Dawn's beloved Son.

For business turns criteria Bung Karno male figure is not adventurous. Attention will be easily sucked Bung Karno if you see a simple woman who dress modestly. Then, looking at how the Bung Karno woman look sexy?

Never in one occasion while walking together with Fatmawati, Bung Karno told the assessment of the woman. At that time the Bung Karno really falling in love with Fatmawati.

"One evening when we were walking through both, Fatmawati ask me about the type of women I like," said Soekarno in the book 'Young Bung Karno Future' published by Inter-City Library.

Shortly Bung Karno Fatmawati looking figure who was dressed modestly and decently. Bung Karno feeling really volatile, she was a little surprised at the question.

" I looked at the girl 's village dressed red shirt and hooded yellow brackets in the sheath - it politely . I told him , I love women with authenticity , not a modern woman is wearing a short skirt , tight shirt and lipstick lips dazzling , "Soekarno .

"I prefer the old-fashioned woman who faithfully keep her husband and borne fetch his shoes. I do not like American women of the new generation, which I heard told him to wash the dishes, "he added.

Maybe then Fatmawati Soekarno so fascinated to hear a straightforward answer. Until eventually mate them together. Sukarno married to Fatmawati in 1943, and blessed with 5 children namely Guntur, Megawati, Rachmawati, Sukmawati, and thunder.

"I like women who are happy with the kids a lot. I really love the kids, "he said.

So, thank you for reading this article.
Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.